Thursday, 23 October 2014

My Autumn Style: Wax Jackets

Something has happened to me in my old age. I've gone all sensible! I never thought I'd see the day where I went out walking wearing sensible footwear and a waterproof coat (with a hood, no less!) but there you are. And do you know what? I bloody love my wax jacket from F&F. I got it last year as a Christmas present and it's become an autumn wardrobe staple, so much so that it got me thinking what other essentials items do I have in my autumn wardrobe? And thus a new blog series was born.

Introducing 'My Autumn Style' where I'll be bringing you ... well, you get the point. And what better place to start than the quintessentially British wax jacket. While I do wish I could upgrade to a classic Barbour for my next wax jacket, I'm definitely a convert to this preppy, practical style of outerwear.

This F&F version is a really rich navy blue and has a gorgeous and cosy checked lining, elbow patches and a very roomy hood. I can also confirm it really is waterproof - sadly rare with a lot of wax jackets on the high street, which is especially surprising as it's only £40.

Next week I'll be showing you my must have jeans for autumn, how I'm wearing them and where I buy all my denim!

What are your autumn essentials?


By Carina Sullivan

P.s. if you're wondering where the devil I am that is so darn pretty, it's Minadew Fields above the pretty Cornish coastal town of Kingsand.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lily Collins Looks Incredible In Elie Saab On Love, Rosie Red Carpet

This red carpet look from Lily Collins is everything. I may go so far as to say this is my favourite red carpet look so far this year. And definitely my favourite red carpet look from the elfin Lily Collins. This ombre Elie Saab dress is just magnificent and Lily's short bob with vintage waves and no jewellery just makes this look pop even more. Just look at her smile, that's a girl who knows she's going to be on every best dressed list for a few weeks.

I just can't take my eyes off this gorgeous dress that Lily wore to the premiere of her new film Love, Rosie. The dainty belt, the square cut out neckline and back detail, the detailed train, the billowing chiffon, ... I could go on. Let's all take a minute to look at this dress again. You may want to grab a cup of tea...


By Carina Sullivan

Monday, 20 October 2014

Five Freelance Copywriting Sites Perfect For Fashion Bloggers

I started my blog Carina100 five years ago and didn't see it as much more than a hobby, definitely not something that would lead to paid copywriting jobs. It was the safe place I could come and write all my ideas and interests that I wanted to share but wasn't able to in my day job doing marketing for fashion retailers. Basically my diary, which I forget other people can read! But now people are contacting me and asking them to write for them, to create blog posts for their businesses and to help with their content. This is awesome as that's exactly what I love to do! From writing about fashion trends and creating interesting beauty articles to compiling travel guides and varied lifestyle pieces, I've been writing about all sorts of amazing topics lately and stretching myself with new challenges - and you can to.

So how have I taken this leap into becoming a freelance copywriter and content creator, turning my hobby into a paid gig? Well besides reaching out to business and pitching for work, there is now a huge selection of online copywriting sites where you can supplement your main copywriting projects and earn a bit of extra cash. The best bit? No endless pitching and emailing - just lots of content creation and writing to hopefully attain the elusive "working from home" holy grail.

A worldwide platform which was started in 2005, Textbroker has processed over 100,000 orders for unique content. Like many of the other content sites this is a no-bid site, so once you're registered and accepted as an author the orders come to you. Their client base is really varied, from small independents to huge SEO companies. You could be writing about anything from computing to beauty, but you get to pick what you do and don't want to write. The amount you're paid per word depends on your level but the average pay per word is €1.3 cents, so on a 500 word blog post you could get paid €6.50.
While not a pure copywriting site, this virtual assistant company looks for people with copywriting and marketing skills and matches your skill set with companies who need someone just like you. You set the hours you can work and as long as you have somewhere quiet to work at home and have a few years office based experience you can apply. The pay is quite good, at £11 per hour, but work isn't guaranteed. There are opportunities to do blog posts and social media for companies so perfect for fashion bloggers!

Founded in 2009, Copify has completed over 50,000 orders and has over 1,000 copywriters registered on it's site. Similar to Textbroker and, Copify offers no-bid copywriting work after completing a registration phase to test your copywriting skills. While the jobs can be quite low paid and the turnaround is a tight 24 hours there is a constant stream of jobs and the payment is very reliable. While it's stated that you can get up to £20 for 500 words, this is rare and you're usually looking at around £0.01-0.02 per word, so you'd get roughly £5-10 per 500 word blog post. But not having to chase invoices is a big bonus!

BloggingPro Job Board
If you're a blogger like me, then this job board will get you very excited. Put your blogging skills and knowledge to good use and find jobs that are perfect for you. The pay varies from job to job, but is generally pretty good, but you may need to check back regularly to find the right fit for you. This is a great resource and the plus side is that you're doing exactly what you love - blogging!
With copywriters in the UK and the US, is similar to Copify and Textbroker, with up to 30 jobs available at any one time, so you really can pick and choose what you want to work on and what you want to write. They say you can make £11 per hour, which puts this site above the competitors in terms of pay per hour. While the back-end is slightly clunky to use, their client list is really good and as they're part of an SEO agency the work will always be there.

While the per word price can be a little on the low side using the no-bid copywriting sites, it's a great way to build your portfolio and to see if a copywriting or freelance content marketing role really is the right fit for you.

Have you tried any of these copywriter sites? Are there any other sites I should add to the list?


By Carina Sullivan

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: Winter Coats From Boden

My must have purchase at the start of autumn/winter is a lovely new winter coat. I now have quite a selection of different styles and colours, but somehow each year I convince myself I need a new one. I've been having a shop around - so you don't have to - and I'm hooked on the bold, bright and sharp styles from Boden.

I'm a long time fan of Boden and they offer exactly what I want in a winter coat. Colourful styles, quality finishes and subtle twists on classic coat styles. So whether you want a double breasted pea coat, a classic trench or a classic wool coat, I think you'll love my Boden selection. But back off the Kate coat in navy and red - she's mine!

Have you got your winter coat yet? Which one of these is your favourite?


By Carina Sullivan